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Pay rise for Male strippers in Melbourne

A Short Story on Male entertainers.

Local male strippers have united throughout Melbourne looking to up their rates. We spoke to a representative at Men in Action who has this to say: “Yeah it’s probably about time we raised our prices, it’s been about 10 years since they were last updated” As we all know inflation has made prices go up everywhere in our economy so why not male strippers too? We asked if the bachelorette nights in Melbourne were more popular after the movie Magic mike? M.I.A “We definitely think it gave a boast to the amount of girls wanting to see a male revue, so we can’t wait for number 2′

Magic Mike

News on a relatively new industry: Steel Detailing or Working Drawings

Working Drawings: The Tools of the Trade

Are you interested in learning more about the steel detailing process? Steel detailers work with architects, designers, and others to determine where to place steel members during construction of structures. As you can imagine, this requires a drawing for said engineers or construction firms to follow. Here, we will tell you a bit more about the tools of the trade when it comes to this career. We will look at both historical tools, as well as new developments. Lastly, we will tell you about skills to have if you enter this field.

Manual Drafting

Working drawings were once (as you might imagine), completed by hand. This required knowledge of drafting. Common tools used for drafting included drafting paper, pencils, triangles, parallel bars, and even compasses. Templates were available for some shapes and buildings. Drafting machines were also in use by some steel detail workers. Manual drafting took quite a bit of time. Once they were common, calculators were also used to get more accurate calculations to use in drawings. It also required quite a bit of technical skill in detailing because the finished product must be so exact.

New Technology

Recent years have seen real advancement in technology used in the steel detailing field. Namely, these advancement have been because of computer aided design (CAD). CAD programs, like XSteel, are specifically designed to create such drawings. All CAD programs are designed to help people create 2-D models on the computer. In this way, a designer can easily change the drawing again and again without having to print it out. They can easily edit and save their work and come back to it later. Using a computer also allows professionals to make calculations that are much more accurate.

Great Skills to Have

So what sort of skills are good for steel detailing workers to have? Here are some of the most commons skills that you will need to have to work successfully in this field:

  • Drafting skills in CAD software and programs;
  • Great communication to work with clients and businesses;
  • Great math skills in areas like trig and geometry;
  • Logic and problem solving capabilities;
  • Practical reasoning;
  • General engineering;
  • Steel fabrications experience and knowledge;
  • The ability to visualize things in both 2-D and 3-D;
  • Lots of patience. After all, you might have to learn some of these things if you have never been exposed to them before.

Apply for a job at:  or you can con act your local Steel fabricator in Melbourne.

Planning a Successful Promotion, alternative business models for events

Handling various types of events is a natural part of event planning and promotion. That’s why we’re in the industry for it. Even though we act as competitors to other event planning and promotion firms, we’re still around to provide industry peers with advice about how to handle their own operations., especially if they desire to enter the industry.
event marketing
In our last article, we talked about how event planning takes a lot of hard work and effort. Due to that, it’s important to give event planning everything you have, particularly if you want to make it a career. As we said before, if you stop, nothing will get done.

Let’s take another look at things you can do to plan a successful event promotion.

Planning a successful event promotion ~ take 2

It should take no effort to plan a successful promotional event or staff promotional models Melbourne, but nothing’s that easy. If it were, pretty much every event around the world would be successful.

Sometimes, when we struggle, we’re able to make the best of our capabilities, and that’s what leads to successful events. That’s something to keep in mind if you feel like you’ve hit a wall.

Before, we looked at some tips to help you get started. The following tips are what you should do after you do a little foundational work when planning an event promotion:

Pick your poison: choose your promotion tactics

You can’t promote without knowing how you’re going to promote. That also involves figuring out how you’re going to allocate time and resources across the entire event. It’s also important to use those resources to build awareness among buyers to ultimately make your event succeed.

Create a memorable promotion message

Before you start planning your promotion event, figure out the main message behind everything. Get your team together, sit down and brainstorm all of the aspects of your overall message, including content, appeal and structure.

Figure out your budget

If you’re going to plan an event, you also need to figure out the budget. Although it sounds smart to get the budget ready first, it’s actually smarter to get the budget ready after you’ve figured out your main plan. As long as you break down your budget, you’ll understand and will probably be able to estimate the potential success of your event.

Your entire plan should be written in stone. Always keep a formal, written document around concerning your event plan. Of course, you can type everything, too. No event can be successful if you don’t have a plan. That’s why it’s important to build one.

Here are some clients that have done successful alternative business models for events.